Monsoon’s original focus on healthcare and biotechnology companies has provided us with an in-depth understanding of how to ensure our clients receive fitting coverage and top-of-mind status within the media and financial markets. Monsoon presently services a range of companies in the following sectors:

Life sciences | Resources | Emerging companies | Financial services

These are our core capabilities –- but we are always up for a new challenge.

Life sciences

Life Sciences/biotechnology is a volatile emerging sector of Australian Securities Exchange listings. Our databases, contacts and industry knowledge are strongest in healthcare/biotechnology and medical devices. We understand how to position complex technology for the average client advisor and specialist audiences. Our databases cover life sciences media around the world as well as all of Australia's TV journalists who cover health rounds. We advise clients when an announcement lacks easy to comprehend messages and any omissions of relevant data or information. We write releases like journalists write news stories.

Monsoon Communications was responsible for organising the first chief executive forums with a series of large invitation-only biotechnology dinners. We know every fund manager that has invested in listed biotechnology equities and communicate with virtually every Australian journalist who writes about the sector.

Resources and energy

Australia has been blessed with a rich and prospective resource and energy base and Monsoon has a core competency in this dominant sector whose mining companies represent about one third of all ASX-listed companies. We understand the language of the geologists and the JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) Code they speak in.

The Australian resources sector is made up of the two streams of minerals and energy. In minerals, we have explorers and producers involved in a whole range of minerals, which can be broadly classified as base metals, gold and precious metals, mineral sands, diamonds, iron ore and other steel related ores. In energy we have oil and natural gas, steaming and coking coal, coal seam gas and uranium. Mining dominated the market for most of the last century but it lost relative importance as the Australian market became increasingly diversified. However, growing global demand (particularly from China and India) for Australian commodities has strengthened the fundamentals of resources in international equity markets.

Monsoon consultants have excellent credentials and much experience in this specialised market. We frequently help new exploration companies raise capital by staging presentations to brokers and analysts in the major cities. We have long-established relationships with all senior resources journalists and analysts and our database in this area is second to none. We are members of the Melbourne Mining Club.

Emerging companies

Every year a number of emerging companies opt to test their business plans in the marketplace with an Initial Public Offering. To the uninitiated, it is harrowing exercise that will require the entrepreneur to spend many hours in the exalted company of lawyers, accountants, underwriters, printers and assorted hooray henries who will then charge you a small fortune for their services. No one called Henry works at Monsoon Communications. We exist to help, not hinder. We plan, we coordinate, we counsel and we nurture emerging public companies as they step into the big scary world of the capital markets, journalists’ pens, microphones and TV cameras.

Over the years we have had many clients come to us with fairly modest capital raising proposals and we have helped them develop their strategies for growth and expansion. We certainly appreciate and understand the intricacies and requirements new and rapidly growing companies face as they enter equity markets for the first time. We provide precise and strategic media and investor communications during IPOs. And we stay with them to provide secondary market support.

We continuously revise strategies and communication programs to ensure they support the growth of a company. Our aggressive investor relations and media relations ensure that our client’s story achieves front of mind in the audiences that count. We educate the media and the investment community about the client’s products and business plan and deliver it via compelling messages to build the investment profile and seek to create momentum . Please ask us to provide you with testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

Financial services

Stockbrokers, investment banks, fund managers and other financial intermediaries have all used the discrete expertise provided by Monsoon’s financial professionals to elevate their media profiles. We arrange investment forums Australia-wide. Our wide circle of friends includes many high net-worth investors.

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