Australia has been blessed with a rich and prospective resource and energy base and Monsoon has a core competency in this dominant sector whose mining companies represent about one third of all ASX-listed companies. We understand the language of the geologists and the JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) Code they speak in.

The Australian resources sector is made up of the two streams of minerals and energy. In minerals, we have explorers and producers involved in a whole range of minerals, which can be broadly classified as base metals, gold and precious metals, mineral sands, diamonds, iron ore and other steel related ores. In energy we have oil and natural gas, steaming and coking coal, coal seam gas and uranium. Mining dominated the market for most of the last century but it lost relative importance as the Australian market became increasingly diversified. However, growing global demand (particularly from China and India) for Australian commodities has strengthened the fundamentals of resources in international equity markets.

Monsoon consultants have excellent credentials and much experience in this specialised market. We frequently help new exploration companies raise capital by staging presentations to brokers and analysts in the major cities. We have long-established relationships with all senior resources journalists and analysts and our database in this area is second to none. We are members of the Melbourne Mining Club.

Specialist in small listed companies”

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