Getting coverage via briefs/editorials/features

Getting media familiarisation is where it all starts. Several Monsoon consultants were senior journalists in a past life and are more than happy to organise an informal meet-and-greet between a new CEO and the journalists who will be covering his/her company. If they know you, they will ring you. It is the most important relationship you can have with the media.

Media announcements and monitoring

News announcements should be crisply written and correctly timed. Emphasis should be on the tangible. To consistently convert announcements into coverage is about knowing when and which journalists to pursue. This is where long-held relationships and experience are crucial.

Monsoon provides all clients with Australia-wide copies of print coverage typically by 9am on the day of the coverage.

Announcement distribution – national & international

We probably have the best database for announcement distribution covering business/biotech/healthcare/medical journalists as well as analysts, fund managers and client advisors active in small cap stocks. To maximise the value of our clients’ news we have invested heavily building substantial databases of names in Australia and internationally. Australian email announcement distributions include over 50 databases with thousands of names which are updated and maintained over several hours every week.

Media training/issues management

Monsoon Communications runs full and half day media training workshops on media etiquette, interview techniques and how to ensure core messages are delivered. This includes simulated studio conditions with professional camera operator, lights, hardware, how-to notes, dress rules, instant play-back and take-home video DVD recording. Issues management is a strong point with one consultant having led communications for Australia’s chemical industry with issues such as chemical contamination of groundwater, taking the front line against Greenpeace site raids and defending the chemical industry during the infamous Coode Island fires (inner Melbourne). Issues management is best performed when issues are anticipated and responses to stakeholders/shareholders are pre-planned. Again, experience with a proactive mentality makes the difference between gloss and results.

Our consultants include an ex top-50 company communications chief, an ex 7 News journalist and an ex listed company CEO”

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